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former Owner:F4stIraq

Former Airport Hub:Gatwick Airport

Former Aircraft Fleet:

  • Boeing 767(Crashed)
  • Boeing 737(Retired)
  • Boeing 737(Transferred to Amerijet)
  • Douglas MD-80(Retired)


Disasters:On December 22nd 2011 at Gatwick Airport, Gatjet's Boeing 767 crashed due to poorly mantained engines, landing gear, winglets and other key components. Gatjet never recovered.

Sales:Gatjet is now closed and has no sales.

Routes:Gatjet has now closed and has no Routes.

History: Founded in August 2011 Gatjet was a British airline hubbed in Gatwick Airport near London. The owner went for big and started with an MD-80. In late 2011 they bought a Boeing 767. On the 22nd december of 2011, The Boeing 767 crashed. It was due to a number of factors all relating to poor maintenance. It was most likely because the owner never pulled the aircraft from routes for a 'break' for maintenance. in the years that followed Gatjet struggled, and the owner eventually retired and scrapped it's MD-80 for money and eventually bought Boeing 737s but never fully recovered and eventually around 2012 the owner stopped maintaining the Airline. Until August 2015 Gatjet still was active with a fleet of operatable jets, all transferred to the Amerijet Airline, were it is now a subsidiary, but disolved into 'Amerijet Express'.

News: December 22nd 2011-Gatjet Boeing 767 crashed at Gatwick Airport.

Fleet (Formerly)[]