Airline simulator Wikia


This will tell you all rules on creating an airline. To create an Airline you need to think of a name, an example is Sunset Air. After you make a name you need a logo. It is preferred to be a custom logo, made on an online logo maker or microsoft paint. Then you will choose An airport hub, you can choose from any of the Airports here: Airports. Later You will have to pay the airport a certain amount of money for being able to use it as a hub. After this You need to check out how much starter money comes with the Airport and type that into the Money slot. Next you must hire people. This is were you start using money, Employees are hired in bunches on 10 people each one requiring $100 each 10 employees, if you cannot pay all your employees when your money goes lower than how much your employees are worth, some will be let off. After this you need to buy an aircraft, each aircraft requires fuel and Employees to operate, you can see the amount needed on the page of the aircraft you are buying, to see aircraft go here:(In Progress). After that you need a route to make Money. You can open routes by looking at other airports, and certain aircraft can not fit on certain runways. The routes will show how many people use the airline, if you have assigned a cargo aircraft to a route it will convert to pounds of Cargo.Come to Aircraft to view aircraft to buy. After this you need to type the price for a 3rd and 1st class ticket for this route. If you make any mistakes or try to cheat in this process, the activity on this wiki is monitored so we will correct it. We also will update your airline in the event of a random event such as Aircraft fires, Bird flocks and such. 2 Airlines managed by the site are started so you can have instant competition.

Copy and Paste this on a seperate page and fill it out[]

(Put Logo photo here)

Airport Hub:Put airport name of the hub you chose.

Employees:Put employee number here remember $100 for each 10 employees

Money:Put Money that comes with starter hub here too

Aircraft:List your aircraft here, any problems such as maintenance will be seen here too

Disasters:Your airlines safety and disaster record is kept here.

Sales:Sales will be listed here, leave this blank it will be updated by the site.

Subsidiaries:You can buy Other airlines that are causing competition. You now own them So that airlines aicraft, Routes and Hubs become yours.

Routes:List routes here, All routes cost money, certain aircraft cannot fly some routes also put the price for 1st and 3rd class tickets for the route.

Hitory:All other info such as Founding date, Bankruptcies, and etc. will be listed here.

News:Certain things that Happen and affect your airline appear here, the Site Administrators will type this section.

You may also put a photo gallery of your airline such as a livery design pasted on a plain aircraft body.