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Airport Hub: Fulton County Airport

Employees: 8

Money: $149,567

Aircraft :

  • Cessna 337
  • Embraer 120 Brasilia

Disasters: on May 23rd, 2015 a Atlanta Regional Airline Cessna 337 struck a bird flock and made emergency landing costing $1,500 in repairs.

Sales: $5,000 a day coming in from route #1 and $10,000 a day coming in from route #2.

Subsidiaries: No Subsidiaries

Money Owed: $560,500


History: Founded on May 11th 2015, Atlanta Regional Airways is a small charter airline operating out of Fulton County Airport, Georgia USA, and payed back all it owed to the airport on May 22nd 2015. They have a good safety record besides on incident on the 23rd. They continued to make good money through June.

News: No News